Green Tourism at The Belfry
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The Belfry Hotel Resort


At The Belfry Hotel and Resort we are committed to protecting the environment. We were proud to receive the Bronze Award from Green Tourism and are currently working to secure the Silver Award for 2020.

The Belfry is one of the largest hospitality properties within the Midlands, with this we have a responsibility to the local community and our surroundings to ensure we are committed to giving back to, not only residents of the area but the wildlife that have chosen our grounds as their home.

There is a diverse ecological environment spread across our 550 acres countryside. The interaction between these creatures and their habitat is of great importance to us. Championed by our Director of Grounds and Greenkeeping, Angus Macleod, we have ensured that we look at cultivating wildlife on our property. Explore some of our initiatives below that are in place to nurture and protect the natural environment.


Homes have been built around the resort and the honey product is used within The Belfry. As part of 'Operation Pollination' we provide bees with a strong base to feed on seasonal flowers throughout the year and spread pollen throughout the area.


Nesting places, bird boxes and bat boxes provide a safe area for these creatures to lay and help grow their young. We have multiple bird and bat boxes throughout our golf courses and surrounding areas.


Each year we have committed to managing tree health across the resort and to planting additional trees every year.


We pride ourselves on having one of the best greens in the world. Our Greens Team use our existing greens to produce up to 1000sq feet of new turf within our Turf Nursery. Using all products that have been grown on site enables us to cut down our carbon footprint.


The resort benefits from a waste to water management system. This enables us to clean any waste & water used across the resort from toilets, showers, baths to our bars & restaurants and either filter this out to one of our reservoirs or lakes or spray it directly onto our courses


Across the resort we aim to recycle as much as possible. This includes glass, cardboard, kitchen oil, fluorescent tubes, metal & large items and general waste.


Our in house Earth Matters team comprises of members from all hotel departments, meeting monthly to review, agree & communicate on projects that can reduce the impact that our business has on the planet, from installing electric vehicle charging points to removing plastic straws.


Here are some tips and tricks on how you can make a difference while you are here at The Belfry.