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Let our wine specialist take you on a journey through the history of wine. Discover the basics of wine tasting, explore new and old world wines and learn how to describe the different characteristics in this interactive session.

Available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for groups of up to 16 people. £50 per person for a 60 minute session. Includes 2 red wines, 2 white wines. Please call 01675 238 600 to book.
“Growing up in Spain, wine is part of my culture . Once I finished my Hospitality Degree, I did my Master Degree in the Sommelier School of Madrid, where every year 2000 people apply and only 50 are chosen. I have worked in Michelin Star restaurants, cruise ships, and I have designed wine list for more than 20 different restaurants in Spain.

Now at the Belfry, I want to share my passion with all the guests that stay with us. We will travel around the world tasting different wines".
Alvaro Martinez