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Q: I have paid in advance for my membership, can I get my money back? Will my membership be extended?
A: Your advance paid membership expiry date will be extended in line with the length of the Club closure. All membership cancellations are subject to our standard Ts&Cs 

Q: I’ve tried to cancel my membership but could not get through to the Club, what do I do now?
A: Please email us at Your subscription will be stopped in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Personal Training

Q: I have several Personal Training sessions left, can I get a refund? Can I extend the expiry date?
A: The expiry date of your PT sessions will be extended by 3 months, giving you the opportunity to use each remaining session. Please discuss this with your personal trainer when the Club reopens.

Q: I have purchased PT sessions with an external PT, will these be refunded or sessions extended?
A: Please contact your trainer directly to discuss sessions purchased via external PTs.


Q: Are the Hotel facilities still open?
A: Yes, the Resort is open. Please check the hotel's website homepage for updates. 

Q: Why aren't you reducing membership fees if the Fire and Ice, steam and sauna are still closed?
A: As you can appreciate, the leisure and hospitality sector has been going through a particularly difficult time, with hundreds of Belfry staff furloughed or made redundant.  Despite this, over the past few months, we have invested heavily in COVID-19 safety measures, cutting-edge technology and will be operating with additional cleaning to keep you safe when you return to our Club. Plus, our fitness team have worked hard to create free online workouts for all members to enjoy during our period of closure. We place a very high priority on keeping our our loyal members happy, but regret that we are not in a position to offer discounts or refunds for facilities that we are unable to open as a result of Government and Industry Governing Bodies' directives.

We will continue to improve our Club and will be putting your constructive feedback into practice.

Q: Will there be limits to the number of people attending the Club at any one point, will I need to book in?
A: We will have control measures in place to comply with UK Government guidance to ensure that social distancing measures are met within the Club at all times.  All Club use has to be prebooked.  You can do this online in the members section of the website.

Q: How will existing members use the Club if new members are joining?
A: In order to continue to operate our fitness and wellness Club as a viable business we will need to retain our existing members and attract new members. We have made two very generous offers to our members to encourage them to keep up their healthy lifestyle and remain loyal. We are also taking all reasonable measures to ensure that members can access the Club and their favourite classes, in a safe manner - these include running additional classes, asking hotel guests to come gym/swim ready (and to avoid using changing rooms), suspending third party gym pass access, etc.

Q: How will swimming work? Will we have to book time slots?
A: We will have control measures in place to comply with UK Government guidance to ensure that social distancing measures are met within the Club at all times. Please booking swimming pool slots here 

Q: Can I still use my Myzone belt outside of the Club?
A: Yes, you can use your Myzone belt to track your in-gym and outdoor workouts.

Q: Are Children allowed in the club for general swimming or swimming lessons?
A: Yes, children are allowed at the club to swim, subject to the usual Ts&Cs of children’s use, including pre-booking their swim slot with an adult during the allocated children’s swimming times


Q: I’ve left items in the Club locker, how do I pick these up?
A: Items will be safely stored at the Hotel Reception ready for collection when The Belfry reopens.