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Gender Pay Gap

The Belfry Hotel & Resort Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is continuously taking action to evaluate policies and the drivers of the gender pay gap to ensure their effectiveness in tackling disparities. The Belfry Hotel & Resort is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to reducing our gender pay gap.

Gender Pay & Bonus Gap

                                       Mean                    Median

Gender Pay Gap:             6.5%                     0.9%

We are proud that our gender pay gap has reduced by 2.4% in the past 2 years. The pay gap in 2021 is due to a lower level of female representatives at certain levels and within certain departments of the business. Our figures remain significantly below the national average Gender Pay Gap for all industries in the UK.

Proportion of employees who receive bonus pay

Male 14%

Female 11.5%

                                      Mean                     Median

Gender Bonus Gap:         69%                     97%

Our bonus schemes differ by role and level. In this year due to COVID-19, there were significantly fewer people eligible for bonus of which more were males that achieved the criteria to earn a performance bonus. These individuals predominately worked in the senior operations team and supported the resort during the period of closure. The individuals work within departments that attract a higher number of males to females. This is not a true reflection of our usual bonus schemes. In no way does gender factor into the payment of our bonus schemes which is purely driven by performance.


Pay Quartiles

                                         Male                    Female

Upper Band                       57.8%                   42.2%

Upper Middle Band           41.3%                   58.7%

Lower Middle Band           52.3%                   47.7%

Lower Band                       46.4%                   53.6%


How we will continue to take action to close the gap;

Our Gender Pay Gap figures have been calculated in line with the regulations set out in the Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation. I confirm that these figures are true and accurate.

Chris Eigelaar

Resort General Manager