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Gender Pay Gap

The Belfry Hotel & Resort Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is continuously taking action to evaluate policies and the drivers of the gender pay gap to ensure their effectiveness in tackling disparities. The Belfry Hotel & Resort is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to reducing our gender pay gap.


Gender Pay & Bonus Gap


                                      Mean                     Median

Gender Pay Gap:              4.4%                     -1.0%


Despite a reduction in gender pay gap in the last year and having achieved a historic milestone of a 50/50 gender split at Executive level, the remaining mean pay gap is due to a lower level of female representatives at management levels and within certain departments of the business. Whilst we are confident that those in equivalent roles are paid equally regardless of gender, we recognise a need to consider more ways to support more females in achieving senior leadership roles.


Proportion of employees who receive bonus pay


Male 37.2%

Female 59.3%


                                     Mean                    Median

Gender Bonus Gap:         58.2%                   27.7%


In the last year, there has been a huge increase of new performance driven incentives and schemes introduced across the resort. Our bonus schemes differ by role and level and are affected by a lower level of female representatives at certain levels and within certain departments of the business.


Pay Quartiles


                                        Male                     Female

Upper Band                       56.5%                   43.5%

Upper Middle Band             28.5%                   71.5%

Lower Middle Band             46.2%                   53.8%

Lower Band                       46.8%                   53.2%



How we will continue to take action to close the gap;


Continue to hire the best person for our positions using structured interviews for recruitment and promotions and continue to make hiring decisions regardless of gender.

Continue to work within salary bandings for roles which are reviewed annually to continue paying men & women equally within equivalent jobs.

Offer learning & development opportunities across the resort to enhance career progression opportunities for all and ensure all employees are supported to reach their full potential.

Increase workplace flexibility for both men and women by allowing people to work flexibly where possible and encourage senior management to be role models in this regard.

Consider our gender balance when reviewing the composition of managerial and senior roles so there is a greater balance between genders across the resort.

Introduce more schemes to attract females into what has been considered traditionally male dominated roles and departments.

Our Gender Pay Gap figures have been calculated in line with the regulations set out in the Gender Pay Gap reporting legislation. I confirm that these figures are true and accurate.


Chris Eigelaar

Resort Director