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Junior Coaching Programme

Our group programmes have activities that are appropriate and engaging for each age group, Belfry Minis, Belfry Eagles and Belfry Futures.

Children will progress through 3 Different levels:

Start:  For children brand new to golf. Juniors will learn the fundamentals of putting, short game and full swing.

Learn:  For children with some golf experience. Children will improve their technique while learning golf rules and etiquette and developing their motor skills through fitness.

Play: For children with developed golf fundamentals. Children will learn to transfer their skills to the course and deepen their technique knowledge.  

Belfry Minis

Ages 3 to 5

Saturdays from 9:30am

30 minutes per session. Price per 6-week term: £27

Belfry Eagles

Ages 6 to 11

Wednesdays & Saturdays

1 hour per session. Wednesday classes from 4:30pm. Saturday classes from 10am. Price per 6-week term: £54

Belfry Futures

Ages 12 to 15

Saturdays from 12pm

1.5 hours per session. Price per 6-week term: £54