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Terms and Conditions

Leisure, Golf and Celebration Groups

Our contract and agreement with you. This information is provided so that you have an accurate idea of the services that we offer and the terms under which we operate. Please feel free to contact the Duty Manager if you require further information or clarification.

Group Leader: The person named in all correspondence will become known as "The Group Leader". He/she will remain as group leader until the stay is completed. The group leader will be our point of contact at all times and will be granted authority to deal with us on behalf of every member of the relevant group. The group leader accepts full responsibility for his/her group, and he/she should ensure all members of his/her party adhere to the terms and conditions at all times.

Dress Code/Noise: The Belfry will not permit any strip-o-grams or any other forms of live entertainment, whatsoever. The hotel will also not permit the group to bring, wear or use props, inflatable items, printed t-shirts, fancy dress, etc. Dining tables etc. will not be permitted to be dressed with any items such as balloons, table decorations or anything that will cause offence to other diners. We reserve the right to remove such items and will return them on departure. Groups must be respectful to other guests around the communal areas of resort and keep noise to a considerate level. Groups who are allocated to rooms within the parklands, should be respectful to other guests around them. Communal areas are for all guests and not an area for private parties/sole use. 

Code of conduct: The Belfry places great emphasis on providing a pleasant and safe environment for its guests and staff. As such, we reserve the right to ask any guest who is abusive, threatening or offensive to our guests or staff to leave the hotel immediately and will incur any relevant early departure charges. Reasons for summary eviction include drunken behaviour, unreasonable demands, foul language, racist comments, suspected theft from the company or other guests, trespass in staff only areas, willful avoidance of agreed charges, and suspected use of illegal substances - although this list is not exhaustive. All of our public areas are covered by CCTV and a 24-hour Security/Night Management Team.  Guests are not permitted to film members of The Belfry team without their permission.  We reserve the right to ask guests to leave the hotel immediately who continue to film without the teams consent.

Damages/Misdemeanours: We reserve the right to invoice our guests for damage or negligent soiling caused to any parts of our premises; accidental or otherwise. Failing to tell us about damage to our property may result in higher-than-expected maintenance or cleaning charges due to delayed intervention.

Food and drink: Only food and drink purchased from the hotel may be consumed on the premises. If food or beverages are brought into the hotel for consumption, a charge will be made equal to the hotel’s selling price for that or an equivalent product, which shall be in the absolute determination of the hotel. The Duty Manager may also confiscate food or beverage and return it to you on your day of departure.

Alcohol: The Belfry operates a responsible drinking policy. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and staff we cannot allow guests to bring their own alcohol for consumption on the premises. We reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol brought onto the premises.

Smoking: All areas of the hotel are strictly non-smoking. Outside areas are provided for your comfort. Please do not smoke in the hotel or your bedroom. It is usual for us to charge guests an extra night’s accommodation if we feel we cannot re-let a room which smells of smoke after their departure. Please note that we do not allow electronic cigarettes to be used inside or on the property, including bedrooms.

Non-Residents/Late Bar: Hotel guests may bring one non-resident into the hotel at the discretion of the Duty Manager/Night Team/Security. Our residents’ late bar is located at Brabazon Bar is open until late Friday and Saturday. Following this time guests are permitted to order drinks to their bedroom, however this will be at the discretion of the Night Team/Duty Manager and guests will only be served an appropriate number of drinks for the people booked into that room. We reserve the right to refuse service on the grounds of intoxication or behaviour at any time. *Please note the Bel Air Nightclub & Lounge is permanently closed.