Budgets are stretched, perhaps more than ever before, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t be scrapped off your plans this year – offsite meetings.  Clear ROIs are needed to defend plans, so when it comes to justifying offsite meetings, we’ve done the legwork and set out a list of some of the benefits below.

Aid staff retention

In a time where many sectors are experiencing a recruitment drought due to a lack of available, skilled workforce, the last thing you need is employees leaving over potentially preventable issues. Offsite meetings help to boost morale as teammates meet face to face. Add a team building experience, such as archery, a round of golf, wine tasting or segway riding to bolster the feeling of positivity among staff and allow for them to bond without ‘talking shop’.

Our new outdoor space The Green is perfect for this. It’s designed to bring people together for a fun-filled day of action and camaraderie and can host up to 250 guests for an array of activities. Many companies choose to book it alongside Terrace on the 10th – a vibrant outdoor hospitality space for up to 200 delegates with unbeatable views across the serene lake and the iconic 10th hole of The Brabazon, which has seen some of the most dramatic plays in golfing history. Its idyllic setting, fully equipped barbeque and grill area and bar facility make it the perfect choice to host all kinds of events, such as Champagne receptions, corporate meetings with a twist, or evening celebrations where fairy lights bring a warm and enchanting ambience to the wooden piazza.

Increase productivity and communication

There’s no escaping the fact that face to face communication increases collaboration and teamwork, and that human interaction is essential for people to feel recognised as a valued part of the team. Ideas are easily bounced off one another in the right setting, allowing for a better flow of conversation, rather than colleagues waiting on email replies which can stump creativity.

Optimise productivity levels by booking the right event space, you’ll want a room that’s filled with natural light; has excellent AV support and state-of-the-art technology; spacious enough for people to feel at ease; and with a generous supply of food and beverages. Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice here at The Belfry Hotel & Resort with  more than 20 event spaces, which host up to 400 people. One of our favourites is The Wine Room – with its floor to ceiling wine cabinets – which can cater for up to 12 people and allows you to choose your own menu and wine list to create the most personalised private dining experience.

Bolster creativity

Encouraging creativity can be a challenge when workforces are already stretched, working remotely and time is spread thin. But sometimes all that is needed is a new environment. By physically moving away from mundane, everyday surroundings, you’ll find people will start to think differently and become more open to new ideas. Weather dependant, a dose of the great outdoors also does wonders to boost creativity levels too. Whether that’s having a walking meeting around our Woodland Trial, or strolling through our vast acreage, the fresh air and immersion in nature can help people to reset and bring new perspectives.

To view the different meetings spaces, we have available and to find out more about what activities might work best with your specific event, why not talk to one of our approachable sales team for a non-committal conversation?

Email sales@thebelfry.com or call 01675 238600.

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